Refinance Your Car & Save Money the Stress-free Way!

Can’t Make Your Monthly Commitment Payment or Stuck in Cashflow?

Paying a loan can get tough when you’re on a tight budget…
Leading you to miss payments which affects your credit score…
And can result in repossession of your car.
The worst part?
It eats away your income.
We get it…
High-interest rates and a loan too heavy on your pocket can make it challenging for you to pay.
But what if you can make your loan more manageable with low-interest rates?
That’s what car refinancing does for you.

Introducing Car Refinancing by RCM

It is an efficient way of paying the existing loan on your car with a new one.
And there’s no one better to provide such service in Malaysia
We are a group of experts empowering people to get rid of their car loans hassle-free.

How Does Taking A Loan To Get Rid Of Loan Helps?

We know it sounds confusing.
So, let us make things simple for you.
With car refinancing you basically replace your current loan with a new one but with added benefits…
Which makes it easy for you to pay the loan.
Let me show you how.

Here Are the Game-Changing Benefits Of A Car Refinancing

Save On Interest

Get lower interest rates on the new loan making it easier on your pocket to pay.

Manage Like A Pro

Manage your car payment better by getting low monthly payments.

Pay Quick

With lower interest rates, you’ll be able to pay your car loan faster and enjoy your ride without any worry.

Flexible Terms & Conditions

Refinancing gives you another chance of finding a lender with flexible TOS… So you can make your payment worry-free.

Get Started In Just 3 Steps

The process is super simple my friend.
All you have to do is…

1. Submit the form below (takes just 5 minutes)
2. Book your free consultation.
3. That’s all. Our team will contact you in 2 hours

What We Do

We understand the burden that some people experience when it comes to finding a reputable Car Refinance companies for their needs. We are here for you, feel free to reach out. Our consultant is extremely skilled and ready give you the hand.


Some people choose to get a loan to buy a car. One reason is that they can’t afford to buy a car in cash. Even though they have to pay interest on the loan, refinancing is quite helpful for those who want to own a car. In general, the requirements for getting a car loan are not much different from country to country.


Whatever assets or property you own, you may have the opportunity to apply for a loan from a loan service provider in Malaysia. Your asset will be collateral that is accepted by the lender or the bank. In fact, there are several types of assets that you can use as collateral such as a house, land, a building, and even a car. Speaking of collateral, we will talk about a car as a collateral loan in Malaysia.


Usually limit the installment plans to a maximum of six months, while both you and determine how long the grace periods are. Failure to pay within the agreed time frames will result in you losing your belongings.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We are one of the first car refinancing service providers in Malaysia.
However, we are aware of the few businesses that offer similar services to ours.
So, why should you choose us?
Well, simply put we don’t use the cookie-cutter approach.
Instead, we understand your situation first and then guide you to the best possible solution…
Keeping our profits aside.
And the other way we stand out is…

Keep Your Car As Collateral

We understand how painful it is to cut down your desires and other expenses… Just to pay for the loan. That’s why we also offer another option to make it easy for you to pay which is… If you have a fully paid car or vehicle either for private or commercial use… You can get funding by keeping it as collateral. Sounds cool?

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Say bye to daunting car loans in a few months.
Simply click the link below to book your free consultation.

Our Customer Say

Amazing and impressive turnaround time for my refinance car loan application so that I can secured my car timely and continue to drive as normal. Rates provided are very competitive compared to the rest of the financing company outside as well.
Process yang cepat dan selamt untuk mendapatkan loan saya. Sangat rekomen kpd individual yg sekat kewangan harian ia membantu dalam situasi sekarang. Amat bersyukur. Terima Kasih
Mohd Jebat

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